ComKatz is an IT services company. We can provide Exchange, Terminal Services, Web Hosting and much more as a package. We can fix your problems or build you a new platform. We can recommend cost saving measures or help you grow your environment.


We can fix, upgrade, configure or expand Exchange. We have expertiese in all versions and multiple anti-virus and anti-spam packages.


We can provide a hosted solution for almost any need, from Exchange to custom built applications.

Active Directory & Group Policy

We can architect AD, upgrade AD, troubleshoot issues, build complex Group Policies and work with complex trusts.

Terminal Services

Terminal Services can be the foundation of any infrastructure, or a portion of it. We can build a multi-server cluster to support your most demanding applications, and make it available from essentially anywhere.

Small Business Servers

We have extensive experience with installing, upgrading and removing Smaill Business Servers. These can be used to host Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, File and Print services, perform backups of client machines, and remote access solutions. When a company out grows Small Business Server, we can assist in moving to a larger platform.


We have experience with a number of firewalls, both free and paid.

Windows Server

ComKatz.com can offer services on all versions of Windows Server, from NT4.0 to Windows 2016.

Windows Client

ComKatz.com can offer services on all versions of Windows, from NT4.0 to Windows 10.


From installing SharePoint to configuration we can support your SharePoint server. We can perform upgrades and fix your issues.


Need to migrate from one platform to another, we can assist, plan, or do the entire thing.


Virtualization has become an important staple of the industry. For large companies it is a way to provide high availability and disaster recovery with fantastic speed while reducing costs and energy consumption. For smaller environments, even 2 or 3 server offices, it is a way to greatly reduce costs. VMWare is the industry standard for virtualization and for a small office it can be a very cost effective way to add servers to your environment. Hyper-V, the Microsoft solution is another very inexpensive way to add capacity. We can help with both. From architecting a private cloud, to building a small solution, we can do it all.


We are a group of IT professionals who have extensive experience with Microsoft products, both Server and desktop level. We also have considerable expertise in non-Microsoft server products and networking.

We can provide assistance and management for Exchange, Active Directory and Windows environments. We can setup virtualized environments. We can handle tiny to very large environments.

We offer both in house systems and hosted environments.