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Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription based hosted IT solution.  It offers a cloud based, always up to date, resilient set of hosted services.  Services include Email, File storage and sharing, collaborative tools such as SharePoint and a slew of other products.  Office 365 can integrate with your on premises Active Directory for single account sign on, or can be setup for a truly server less environment. 

Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Services)

Remote Desktop Services, which used to be called Terminal Services, can be the foundation of your infrastructure, or can compliment it.  Ranging from single servers to large clusters, they allow a one time installation of software to be used by many employees.  This is also an idea remote access solution, allowing application and file access in a remote and secure manner.


From file servers to SAN installs, we can handle it all.

Windows Server

We are experts in all versions of Window Server, from NT 4.0 to 2019.


  • Installation
  • Migrations
  • Repair
  • Administration
  • Office 365 migrations

Active Directory

We can architect AD, upgrade AD, troubleshoot issues, build complex Group Policies and work with complex trusts.


Virtualization has become an important staple of the industry.  For large companies it is a way to provide high availability and disaster recovery with fantastic speed while reducing costs and energy consumption, all with a smaller physical footprint.  For smaller environments it is a great way to reduce costs.  While VMWare is the industry standard for virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V can be a very inexpensive way for a small office to add capacity.  We can help with both. 

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